Civil Code

Civil code law goes way back in the history of the Roman Empire.These laws were declared and applied to the citizens of Rome. The original civil law were based on local Roman customs. When the Roman Empire broke up into countries such as Spain and France many of the codes were left in place. Thus, a blend of the Roman Civil Code influence exists in the European countries. Up to this date, civil law still is being used, of course, through time the laws changed and only the best laws are kept. Besides Europe, Louisiana of the United States and Quebec of Canada use Civil Law. How did Civil Law come to North America, you ask?

When French explorers discovered the “New World”, they colonized a city, now named Quebec City. This colony was under the rule of France, thus they followed the Civil Code. When they were defeated by the English in the 1759, the French inhabitants, during the Colony transfer from France to England, requested that they keep the French Language and Civil Law because they are more familiar with the language and law. To make everything short and simple, the English partially excepted this proposal, but required the French to follow the English ‘Common Law’ as well. Thus, in Quebec, to strongly prove a case, common law and civil code is normally used to support a case.

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