Websters dictionary defines law as “a rule of conduct…enforced by a controlling body”. Whilst the definition is easily understood, the notion of law has many different perspective and interpretation that makes it difficult understand. Law in Canada is different than the Law in the United States. Each country has their own law that you must abide to when you visit. In a democratic society, you are innocent until proven guilty.

To practice law, you must be have studied law in a recognized University. The enrollment to a law program is generally competitive and may require you to write the standard Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The results of LSAT is used by the University to select candidates because different University have different grading system. It is a way to objectively evaluate candidates without judging the different University grading system.

Lawyers generally specializes in one area of law; such as criminal, contract, family, international, divorce, dui laws just name a few. Each field has its own specialized law.

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