Kurt Angle Beats DUI Charges

For those of you that don’t know Kurt Angle, he is an American Professional Wrestler who won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996. He was also in the WWF during the late 90s and early 2000s. More information about Kurt Angle here

In 2007, he was charged with with drunken driving (DUI) and careless driving on his way home in the afternoon from visiting a bar near his home. A motorist has had identified the license plate number and called the police because the “alleged” erratic driving. Police used the license number to determine the vehicle belonged to Angle and went to his home, where police said the wrestler acknowledged driving home from a bar. Kurt Angle seemed to be intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test according to the police, as well as refusing a blood alcohol test. Information on his arrest can be found here.

Some questions that were raised about this case were: Is the witness credible, was the police judgment accurate, and was the sobriety test accurate? Is he innocent or not?

His Lawyer has this to say.

Undoubted, this incident has affected his life even after his win on this case.

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